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About Kawaii Girl Fitness

Kawaii Girl is a luxury workout apparel and accessory brand. We offer very kawaii designs that attract the eyes. Very pastel and bright. Very feminine. We are also a workout group located in Los Angeles. The key is to get women up and moving to achieve their fitness goals no matter how small or big they are. We membership based company that offers group workouts and a walking group. As women many of us have children and sometimes cannot find the time to workout, here at Kawaii Girl Fitness children are allowed at most meetups since they will be held at open places like parks etc. On the events/meetups page you can see if that meetup is child friendly or not. Some meetups can be long hikes and not children friendly but if they are walks around a large park than yes. This is a great benefit for women with minor children. Kawaii Girl Fitness will offer online workout programs in the near future. We currently offer nutrition and diet books to help you on your journey.